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Musubi Aikido Cultural Association (Aikido Musubi), founded in 2008, is a self-managed, non-profit association that promotes aikido in Badalona. We offer aikido classes for adults and children every day in our dojo (Av. D’Alfons XIII, 351 08918 Badalona, ​​Barcelona).

Aikido Musubi aims to promote aikido as a way of improvement and self-development through a sincere and constant practice based on respect for others. Through techniques, we contribute to physical, mental, and spiritual development in addition to self-confidence and compassion for opponents.

It is our wish that those who practice at Aikido Musubi can experience the depth and enjoyment of aikido through daily training in an appropriate environment (dojo) shared by students and other fellow aikidoka.

If you want to start training aikido, contact us or visit our dojo. Registration is free and is open all year.

We love to share our experience and that is why we welcome everyone who wants to join our association.

Our dojo

Aikido Musubi Our dojo

The philosophy of Aikido Musubi is based on the precepts established by the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, and inherited by the second and third doshu, as well as the masters (shihan) of the Aikido World Headquarters, the Hombu Dojo.

Aikido Musubi is part of Aikido Arashi Group, which maintains a direct link with the Hombu Dojo through the master Miyamoto Tsuruzo (8th Dan). In addition, we participate in aikido courses and seminars throughout Europe and the world conducted by renowned teachers; and we regularly travel to Tokyo to visit and train at the Hombu Dojo.

Our dojo is a large and open space dedicated exclusively to the practice and teaching of martial arts. It is supervised and managed by the technical director and instructors of the association; but being the responsibility of everyone (not just the instructors or the teacher), it is maintained and cared for by the students.

The dojo is an ideal place to deepen the study and understanding of martial arts, and to meet all kinds of people regardless of age, sex and occupation.


Aikido Musubi Aikido

Aikido is a non-competitive Japanese martial art developed in the early 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). It is based on other traditional Japanese martial arts, mainly Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu, and uses flexible, natural, and highly effective movements to evade, redirect, or neutralise attacks using the opponent’s force.

The practice of aikido is an arduous physical training that is based on the repetition of exercises, maintaining a good balance between the left and the right, and alternating between the performance of techniques and their acceptance. Aikido is not only good for health, but it also develops self-confidence naturally for daily life.

You can start practicing aikido at any time, regardless of age or physical condition; both men and women, from adults to children.

At Aikido Musubi, we offer classes that are suitable for inexperienced people apart from regular classes. During a class, the instructor-in-charge and veteran students accompany and guide beginners safely.


Aikido Musubi Pablo Martín
Aikido Musubi Pablo Martín
Aikido Musubi Pablo Martín
Aikido Musubi Pablo Martín

Pablo Martín (Badalona, ​​1977) began practicing aikido in Badalona in 1999 with Ricard Coll (4th Dan). Afterwards, he continued his practice at the same time as he is an instructor in Aikido Musubi. Throughout his career, he has participated in numerous courses and seminars by renowned teachers such as: Yamada Y. Shihan, Sugano S. Shihan, Shibata I. Shihan, M. Flynn Shihan, D. Waite Shihan, P. Bernath Shihan, among others. He has also traveled to Japan to train at the Aikido World Headquarters, the Hombu Dojo, under the teachings of: Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu, Miyamoto T. Shihan, Yokota Y. Shihan, Osawa Hayato Shihan, Kuribayashi T. Shihan, Kanazawa T. Shihan, Suzuki T. Shihan, among others.

In order to promote aikido in Badalona, ​​he established the Musubi Aikido Cultural Association (Aikido Musubi), in 2008, and later assumed the roles of president and technical director (chief instructor).

Currently, he holds a 3rd Dan degree, awarded by Aikido Doshu Ueshiba Moriteru and recognized worldwide by the Aikikai Foundation and the International Aikido Federation.


Aikido Musubi Association
Aikido Musubi Association

Aikido Musubi (CIF: G-64799554) is a cultural association founded in 2008. It is the first self-managed and non-profit association in Badalona whose objective is to promote the practice of aikido and the values ​​of traditional martial arts of Japan. For more than 12 years we have been a main actor in the city of Badalona, ​​offering a space 100% dedicated to martial arts and Japanese culture.

The Board of Directors is made up of the President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer, who in turn assume the role of technical director and instructors respectively. They are active founding members with significant experience within the association who have been elected by the General Assembly, made up of all members of the association.

Pablo Martín Martín (President)

  • Oversees, recommends, and makes decisions about the curriculum and practice for Aikido Musubi. Form the kyū exam committee and process grades. Supports the development of instructors within the association, and promotes interaction between dojos.
  • Establishes, executes, and reviews Aikido Musubi programs and administrative/operational policies, including planning, finances, and resource management, among other decisions.

José Luís Zafra García (Secretary)

  • Advise and recommend on dojo policies. Ensures good practices and the correct implementation of the curriculum.
  • Supervises all activities to ensure that they are carried out in accordance with the altruistic nature and according to the policies of Aikido Musubi.

Taron Hamkhiyan (Treasurer)

  • Advise and recommend on dojo policies. Plan and promote courses, events, and seminars within the association. Offers support and sustain the personal growth of Aikido Musubi members.
  • Directs and manages the Treasury and monitors income and expenses. It acts, together with the President, regarding the economic interests of the association and the management of its funds. Manages the day-to-day administrative tasks, processes the applications to become a member of the association, supervises the communication and online presence of Aikido Musubi.

Aikido Musubi does not advocate, support, or practice unlawful discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background.